The OIC Human Rights

Human Rights in Islamic Countries

OIC Human Rights Commission (IPHRC)

OIC Ten-Year Programme of Action: To Meet the Challenges Facing the Muslim Ummah In The 21st Century


Indonesia wants to be Host of OIC Human Rights Commission

NGOs ask OIC’s new human rights body to engage civil society

OIC body told to engage civil groups

NGOs ask OIC’s new human rights body to engage civil society

Indonesia wants to be Host of OIC Human Rights Commission

First Session OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission

Informal Luncheon Talks: Indonesian Civil Society, IPHRC Commissioners, and Diplomat Community

Indonesian Civil Society Participation to the OIC Human Rights Commission (IPHRC)


Challenges and Expectation on the first Meeting OIC Human Rights Body (IPHRC)

Tantangan dan Harapan Pada Sidang Pertama Komisi HAM OKI

Inistiative Meeting of OIC IPHRC

Opening session of the Preparatory Meeting OIC Human Rights Commission

Prospek HAM di Negara-negara Muslim (Sebuah Tanda Tanya)

Consultations between the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Office of the High Commissioner for human Rights (OHCHR) on the establishment of the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission
Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam

Human rights experts’ recommendations to Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission


9 Responses to “OIC Human Rights Commission (IPHRC)”

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  9. Fahmida said


    I am concerned that since 9/11, some people who are munafiq are framing genuine Muslims in the West as terrorists. This can lead to terrible consequences for the innocent.

    There are things that go on in the West that no one is aware of. Unlike the East, the West covers up its human rights abuses to appear civilised but they are no more civilised than some places in the East. Very often, you will see that as soon as someone speaks out against someone powerful, they die and it is covered up as an accident or suicide, e.g. David Kelly, before the Iraq war, the whistleblower in the phone hacking scandal, etc.

    The law states that there is no physical or corporeal punishment for crime. People are simply put in prison but what they don’t tell you is that the people of the Dajjal are blinding, deafening and retarding people and raping people in prisons.

    Not only that but even innocent people are not safe. I am an innocent Muslim but I was framed as a terrorist by my own father who suffers from jinn possession.

    My home was bugged by the state and also by people who hated him as he didn’t tell other people that he had lost contact with me.

    I was constantly lied about. They twisted normal things that I said and did in my own home. They did this every day for 10 years and sent jinn into my home to cheat and try and drive me mad. They stole and plagiarised my work from my computer.

    Not only that but I was nearly blinded by someone who objected to me sympathisi ng with a Gazan child who was blinded. I did this in my own home and then, I was nearly blinded. If it was not for the intervention of Allah swt, I would have been blind today. I was shown in a dream that someone who had access to my home had done this to me deliberately and I was shown how I had been poisoned. As soon as I stopped taking something I was told to avoid in my dream, I got better mashallah.

    Another time, I was shown that if I kept talking at home about the situation in East Jerusalem, my hearing would be attacked was!

    In total, I was poisoned six times and Allah has saved me and I was given guidance each time.

    The reason that this has happened is because my home was violated by lots of people, some of whom were dangerous people who are part of the Dajjal.

    They poison people in the West if they don’t like them. They retard them, brain damage them in secret. They commit human rights abuses in an underhand way so that they don’t look bad to the world.

    There is nothing in the law that says that they can retard people or sterilise them or blind or deafen them or prematurely age them. Yet, they are doing these things even to innocent people here if they don’t like political views that person expresses in their own home.

    There are many good people in the West too who are decent and mean well but they are completely unaware of what the horrible ones are doing.

    I am an innocent person who is suffering terribly because of the invasion of my home. I see things in my dreams and because of this, I could be falsely accused of being involved in things I have only seen in dreams and spoken about at home. Islam teaches that one third of our dreams could be guidance from Allah and that in the end times, Muslims will have many true dreams and I am mashallah one of those Muslims.

    I also made a terrible mistake of phoning a psychic and later realised that these people work with the jinn as I became possessed for a short time and went into a trance and started shouting something and I have no idea what I said.

    I kept seeing after that that some people would lie about me because of the action of the jinn so I could be harmed very badly and treated like a criminal.

    I could be retarded because of the lack of belief in the teachings of Islam and Christianity in the Western world even though I was someone who got the grades to go to Cambridge and I am INNOCENT. I genuinely see things in my dreams and had a bad reaction to a jinn in my OWN HOME. I am a teacher who was told by demanding high flying business people and university graduates that I was one of the best teachers who they had found in this country and that I would draw people to this country (UK).

    I was also a writer who has published a book and was a published poet from the age of 9 and first everywhere I went mashallah until the age of sixteen.

    Yet, I could end up retarded and labelled sick because of a father who was possessed by the jinn. This is in spite of the fact that I have a 30 year exemplary record mashallah starting from the age of 7.

    I could suffer terrible human and civil rights abuse and end up retarded. They should not be doing things that are irreversible to people instead of realising that mistakes can be made and innocent people can be wrongly thought to be guilty and it will be too late to say they’re sorry once the person has been brain damaged for life!

    I have asked the authorities for a lie detector test several times but they don’t care. Some of them know that I have been poisoned more than once because of the violation of my privacy but they left me to die because I am just a Muslim.

    Please pray for me mufti that Allah swt will keep me and my mother safe in this place. It is a very dangerous place that looks very safe from the outside but the people of the Dajjal ( occult) are degrading and de-civilising the Western world which was once built on sound Christian principles.

    We need your prayers.

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