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IPHRC Holds Second Session in Ankara

Posted by Human Rights in Islamic Countries on September 4, 2012


The Second Session of the OIC Independent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) is being held in Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, from August 27-31, 2012. 

The inaugural Session was addressed by the Foreign Minister of Turkey Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu and the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu who, In their remarks, paid rich tribute to the Commission Members for their high degree of commitment, devotion and professionalism that has contributed to the remarkable progress made in the work of Commission in a short time since establishment. They expressed the confidence that the Second Session in Ankara would contribute significantly towards institutionalizing IPHRC as an important pillar of restructuring and reform at the OIC. The OIC Secretary General underscored the importance of the IPHRC and stated that its establishment was a fulilment of one of the major goal and objective laid out in the OIC Ten-Year Programme of Action. He said that the Commission would serve as a reference point in profiling the importance accorded to human rights in Islam, at the global level. He added that the Commission was a major focus of international attention contributing to the visibility and credibility of OIC as an Organization propelled by the vision of ‘moderation and modernization’ . 

The Ankara Session is expected to adopt the draft rules of procedure and take up human rights situation of Muslims in OIC and non-OIC countries İncluding those in Syria, Mali and Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar. 

The Secretary General and the Commission memebers also called on the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, H.E. Mr. Cemil Cicek. The Speaker welcomed the Secretary General and the Commissioners for the holding the Session in Turkey. He stressed on the significance and importance of IPHRC towards the cause of human rights and in Muslim countries and raising the profile of the OIC in the international community.






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