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Location for HR body’s HQ to be decided in 6 months

Posted by Human Rights in Islamic Countries on July 14, 2011 Friday, 21 May 2010  –  07 Jumada Al-Akhir 1431 H

By Jassim Alghamdi

DUSHANBE – The 37th Council of the Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Organization of the Islamic Conference concluded here Thursday adopting resolutions to the cause of Palestine and the Mideast.
During the three-day meeting, the council addressed a wide range of issues including the 10-year program of acion statutory, conditions of Muslim communities in non-OIC states, administrative and financial affairs and matters pertaining to human rights.
A source in the CFM told SG the council has decided to defer a draft resolution on the proposed commission on human rights. The council, the source said, will invite the general secretariat to inform member states of the outcome of the consultations between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the location for the new commission’s headquarters in six months.
The OIC called for political resolution of conflicts in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Comoros, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Djibouti, Jammu and Kashmir, the Turkish Cypriot State and Kosovo.
Welcoming the joint agreement signed between Iran, Turkey and Brazil on May 17 in Tehran on nuclear fuel swap, the Dushanbe declaration called the international community to support the deal for long-lasting peace in the region.
It reaffirmed OIC’s support to the proposal by King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, regarding the establishment of an international center under the UN to combat terrorism. It also welcomed Tajikistan initiative to declare the year 2012 as the international year of water diplomacy.
A strategy proposed by the OIC group on Human Rights and Humanitarian affairs in Geneva for broadening support for the OIC-sponsored measures to check defamation of religions was also approved. The declaration also commended the third annual report prepared on Islamophobia. – SG



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